Which Roland Digital Piano Is Best For Beginners

Best Roland Digital Piano For Beginners
Best Roland Digital Piano For Beginners

While most pianists want to use traditional pianos, if you are just starting to learn how to play the piano and don’t have the space for a traditional piano, digital pianos are fantastic options. Roland digital pianos are highly recommended by experts and music enthusiasts. However, which Roland digital piano is best for beginners?

Many reputable online sources and music stores consider the Roland FP-10 Model to be the best digital piano for beginners. The Roland GO:PIANO88 and the Roland E-X20 are also highly recommended digital pianos for beginners.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best Roland digital pianos for beginners.

The Roland FP-10 Model

The Roland FP-10 costs about $600 (Amazon Affiliate Link) when purchased online. This Roland FP-10 model often costs more than other digital pianos because its sound and touch are matched extremely closely to that of a real grand piano! It also does not demand the same amount of space or upkeep as an acoustic piano. Roland FP-10 pianos also simulate escapement or the feeling of when the hammers in an acoustic piano drop away after striking the strings in the piano.

This keyboard model also has a lot of special features like the ability to split into two. This allows a teacher and student to play together on the same piano! Bluetooth support is even built-in to the keyboard so that phones and tablets can connect wirelessly to the keyboard via the Roland Piano Partner 2 app. This is why it is considered the best Roland digital piano for beginners.

One of the best aspects of the Roland FP-10 model is its recreation of the sound of a grand piano. Its greatest limitation is that it only offers 15 different sounds. This is a relatively good selection for a beginner, but for those looking to record music or play during events, it is relatively limited.

The Roland E-X30

Beginners to the digital piano will enjoy how the Roland E-X30 is part of the top line of high-class Roland digital piano models. The E-X30 stands out for its 256-voice polyphony. This means that it can play 256 different sounds at once.

Another benefit of the Roland E-X30 is its MP3 playback feature, which allows the player to play along with songs of their choosing or simply play backing tracks to enhance their own music. This can increase confidence and make practice fun. Additionally, this digital piano is designed to be both lightweight and only weighs 6.2 kg. It can operate off of battery power, so you can play it nearly anywhere.

The Roland E-X30 digital piano is an arranger digital piano, which means it is terrific for beginners who want to dabble in creating custom music and songs. Usually, Yamaha dominates sales in this market, but the Roland E-X30 is notable for the high number of good reviews that praise the product.

In addition to the impressive arranger feature, the Roland E-X30 is ideal for creating realistic piano sounds. The piano comes with a wide variety of ethnic sounds that are perfect for performing and recording music from a variety of different regions and countries. You can even store music style combinations and sounds together for easy playback. The affordability of this model is a huge reason why many beginners will start with this digital piano and go on to compose their own music and songs with it.

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Unfortunately, it is hard to find the Roland E-X30, as it is only sold in a few countries.

The Roland GO:PIANO88

The Roland GO:PIANO88 is perfect for all beginners. It is most often sold for $300 to $400. While this may seem quite expensive, the cost is worth it because of the quality of this digital piano and the number of features it has.

The Roland GO:PIANO88 is relatively new. It focuses on top-notch playability, and it has many features that make playing this digital keyboard fun. Many critics and reviewers praise the Roland GO:PIANO88 for its advanced sound engine and various features.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly keyboard with authentic piano sounds, this is a great beginner digital piano.

The Roland RD-2000 Digital Piano

The Roland RD-2000 digital piano is a stage digital piano. It is very modern and uses Roland’s SuperNATURAL V-Piano sound engine to elevate the playing experience! The Roland RD-2000 Digital Piano is extremely portable and emits expressive and authentic-sounding piano sounds. The model also has Roland’s incredible PHA-50 key action, which allows the player to feel the weighted, pushing reaction that real piano keys have! If you plan on playing a traditional piano in the future, this is a great digital piano for you.

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The Roland RD-2000 has many features, including pre-set rhythms, sounds, and add-ons that give it an edge over other digital pianos. The piano comes pre-set with over 1,100 sounds, which is an astronomical number. The Roland RD-2000 digital piano looks great, is easy to carry around, and is a great digital piano for beginners.

This is by far the most expensive digital piano on this list, as it typically costs around $2,600, but it is a great choice for those who want something that sounds extremely similar to an acoustic piano or grand piano. Also, because of the features this digital piano has, you won’t need to replace it with a more complex digital piano when you become more skilled at playing the instrument.

Overall, there are many digital pianos on the market, especially if you are a beginner. However, Roland digital pianos are highly rated, and many Roland digital pianos are great for beginners. The Roland digital piano that you purchase will vary depending on your budget, the features you want your digital piano to have, and the number of keys you want your digital piano to have.

When determining which Roland digital piano to purchase, read the available reviews and determine whether or not it has all of the features you want, what your budget is, and whether or not it will fit in your home while you are using it.

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