About Us

Hi, I am Raquel Richardson, the founder of MyGuitarPiano.com, and want to warmly welcome you to my website. Let me tell you a little about myself and my husband Juan Richardson.

I grew up in the Phillippines on a modest farm with my older sister and 3 brothers. During this time I spent many hours practicing singing and learning the guitar. My passion and love for music and particularly singing saw me being regularly asked to sing at weddings and functions.

My husband, Juan Richardson, was enrolled in a brass band at 7 years of age to learn how to read music and play the trombone. He worked his way up through the brass band over 10 years where he was assigned as 1st trombone. However, he loved the sound of the piano, having a piano in the house, and a grandmother who had studied for her ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London) diploma in practical piano and theory. His desire was to learn piano and keyboards.

It wasn’t until many years later as a young adult that he began to be formally taught the piano and sit his Grades through the Royal School of Music after having composed his first piano piece called Ostinate.

He quickly graduated to Grade 7 within 2 to 3 years of formal tuition and since has tutored students, and composed and played a number of his own compositions.

His first digital piano was a Casio Privia and since has graduated to a Roland FP90X digital piano.

It is our desire that you will enjoy the articles and videos we have put together for you on this website: MyGuitarPiano.com